City Government Blog Posts From API Evangelist

These are the blog items I've written over the last decade when it comes to my City Government resarch, providing the short form of my research across the API industry.

You can find all of the blog posts I have written over at the main API Evangelist site, these are mean to just be for providing easy access to what I've written when it comes to City Government.

Curated City Government News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the City Government conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

Facebooks latest transparency tool doesnt offer much so we went digging (02-25-2020)
Signal is finally bringing its secure messaging to the masses (02-16-2020)
CouchDB REST API for Document CRUD Operations Examples With Postman (01-15-2020)
Devportals & Digital Transformation (12-18-2019)
Introducing Load Balancing Analytics (12-10-2019)
Elasticsearch Service is now available on Microsoft Azure in Singapore (11-25-2019)
Facebook isnt free speech, its algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage (10-20-2019)
The Marvel of Observability (10-15-2019)
The Anti (10-14-2019)
Context: New Versions of HashiCorps TerraForm Cloud for Teams and for Governance (09-13-2019)
The future of tracing is open (09-11-2019)
Announcing MapTiler Cloud geocoding API (09-11-2019)
New homepage and improved collaboration features for AI Hub (09-05-2019)
The Importance of Comments for Maintainable Code (09-05-2019)
8 New Rules of Open Source Infrastructure (09-03-2019)
Standards drive innovation and user experience (09-02-2019)
Amazons Ring offered a footage request system to more than 400 law enforcement agencies (08-28-2019)
New Botnet Targets Android Set (08-28-2019)
Kitty Hawk CEO Sebastian Thrun is coming to Disrupt SF (08-27-2019)
Over 50,000 UK SMEs Could Collapse Following Cyber (08-27-2019)
Backup service IDrive launches a face recognition API for developers (08-23-2019)
Partner Perspective: We Are Listening (08-23-2019)
City of London Hit by One Million Cyber (08-23-2019)
While one Texas county shook off ransomware, small cities took full punch (08-21-2019)
What We Mean by Feature Flags (08-21-2019)
Its all fun and games until ransomware deletes the shadow copies (08-21-2019)
A bunch of celebrities posted a copyright hoax to Instagram (08-21-2019)
What GraphQL Is and Why It Matters for Headless CMSs (08-21-2019)
Introducing the Wild West of Federal Government Websites (08-21-2019)
What you and your company should know about cyber insurance (08-21-2019)
Facebooks Libra Association is being investigated by EU antitrust regulators (08-20-2019)
Ownership, evictions, and violations: an overview of housing data use cases (08-20-2019)
Facebook will use humans to curate its News Tab (08-20-2019)
Surveillance as a Condition for Humanitarian Aid (08-20-2019)
More than 20 Texas cities and towns have been taken hostage by ransomware (08-19-2019)
How to Reduce Cognitive Load for Voice Design (08-19-2019)
API and data visualization out of the box [not so obvious gallery] (08-18-2019)
Found: World (08-14-2019)
Facebook simplifies its Group privacy settings (08-14-2019)
Side (08-14-2019)
Developing Docker (08-14-2019)
Canary deployments with Consul Service Mesh (08-13-2019)
Think that Minute Details on Federal Government Websites Dont Matter? Think Again. (08-02-2019)
Keeping the city of New Orleans safe with Cisco IoT (07-30-2019)
Wanted: Cybersecurity Imagery (07-29-2019)
Announcing general availability for the Azure Security Center for IoT (07-28-2019)
CERN migrates to open (07-25-2019)
Visualizing Political Polarization in U.S. Cities (07-25-2019)
Report: FTC approves a fine for Google over YouTube kids privacy probe (07-19-2019)
Oakland bans city use of facial recognition software (07-17-2019)
Governments should have a role in opening social service data (07-15-2019)
How to Upload and Serve Data Using Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 in Node.js (07-15-2019) (07-01-2019)
Facebook civil rights audit says white supremacy policy is too narrow (06-30-2019)
AWS GovCloud (US) and Amazon Rekognition A Powerful Public Safety Tool (06-12-2019)
Buffalo, NY, asks How Open is Open Data (02-25-2019)
Why Foursquare refuses to sell user data (02-19-2019)
Roadmap Provides Framework to Improve Open Data Programs (02-11-2019)
Its Official: The OPEN Government Data Act is Now the Law of the Land (02-05-2019)
The future of collaborative open data in Madison (01-29-2019)
Chicagos New 311 System Is a Huge Win for Public Works (01-10-2019)
How Data Is Influencing Public Services (01-08-2019)
Alexa, Public Spaces, and More Ways Cities Share Data (11-19-2018)
A Gardener's Approach to Growing an API Culture (11-15-2018)
Governments fail to capitalise on swaths of open data (11-03-2018)
Beyond Open vs. Closed: Balancing Individual Privacy and Public Accountability in Data Sharing (11-03-2018)
The Link Between Performance and Budgeting (10-25-2018)
NACo and NLC Share Strategies for Sharing Data (10-22-2018)
Reservations now available for US Government cloud regions (10-18-2018)
Atlanta Residents Can Now Track Government Spending (09-10-2018)
The rise of policy innovation labs: A catalog of policy innovation labs across Canada (08-28-2018)
VA details API (08-24-2018)
A rationale for data governance as an approach to tackle recurrent drawbacks in open data portals (08-04-2018)
A hundred places where governments are using tech to crowdsource policy (08-02-2018)
Hong Kong's open era begins: your Open API Survival Guide (07-25-2018)
Hong Kong's slow road to Open API (06-30-2018)
Civic and Political APIs, Data Sets, and Websites (06-25-2018)
City (06-24-2018)
An Introduction to Socrata Connected Government Cloud (06-01-2018)
Citizen Representation in City Government (05-05-2018)
How Baton Rouge is engineering open data for community involvement (04-13-2018)
On Transparency (04-04-2018)
Czech Republic extradites suspected Russian hacker to the US (03-30-2018)
Introducing our new Bureau seal (03-29-2018)
New York City is launching public cybersecurity tools to keep residents from getting hacked (03-29-2018)
The Presidents New Management Agenda: Data is a Key Driver of Government Reform (03-23-2018)
Take charge of your sensitive data with the Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API (03-23-2018)
VA Lighthouse API Platform with FHIR Enables Health Data Access (03-16-2018)
Can the code help local governments? (03-13-2018)
Case Study: Utah Department of Transportation (03-09-2018)
VA platform for managing APIs starting to take shape (03-05-2018)
Azure Government technology innovation shaping the future (03-04-2018)
From Code to Colors: Working with the JSON API (03-01-2018)
FAA, CMS and GSA Retool to Take Advantage of Big Data (02-20-2018)
Google conducts test to help 911 accurately locate callers (02-16-2018)
Google aims to make 911 call locations more accurate (02-16-2018)
How to produce RAML with Spring REST Docs using restdocs (02-15-2018)
Opening Government to Improve Outcomes (02-14-2018)
Handbook of Research on Modernization and Accountability in Public Sector Management (02-14-2018)
Developing cross (02-13-2018)
Urban Big Data: City Management and Real Estate Markets (01-23-2018)
What is 311 Data and Why is it Important? (01-16-2018)
Can Washington Be Automated? (01-05-2018)
The state of serverless observability why we built Thundra (01-02-2018)
Poolprofit Make Bitcoin Mining Transparent Again (01-01-2018)
City of Chicago :: Chicago Shovels (12-29-2017)
New York City commits to open data and open code (12-29-2017)
How Austin Engages and Educates Its Data Liaisons (12-27-2017)
Building GraphQL Schema from REST API (12-23-2017)
Utah State Legislature Launches Redesigned Website (12-21-2017)
Introducing the Upcoming Open States GraphQL API Open States (12-21-2017)
City halls are leading the way on open government (12-21-2017)
Twitter will tell users if content was blocked to comply with local laws or legal demands (12-20-2017)
New York will tackle unfair biases in automated city services (12-20-2017)
New York City moves to create accountability for algorithms (12-20-2017)
Help improve public access to public information (12-19-2017)
How Austin Engages and Educates Its Data Liaisons (12-19-2017)
New York City moves to create accountability for algorithms (12-19-2017)
Proliferation of Open Government Initiatives and Systems (12-19-2017)
Civic Technology: Open Data and Citizen Volunteers as a Resource for North Carolina Local Governments (12-19-2017)
Reinforcing Our Commitment to Transparency (12-18-2017)
Why Managing APIs is Critical for Federal Agencies (12-13-2017)
The Weaponization of Education Data (12-10-2017)
Virginia's I (12-09-2017)
New York Citys open data audit is a promising model for accountability (12-07-2017)
Socrata + Drupal: Washington States Public Disclosure Commission (12-07-2017)
Government and Big Data: Friend or Foe? (12-07-2017)
Create a Data Protection Impact Assessment for GDPR (12-07-2017)
User Experience Checklist for Government Data Programs (12-05-2017)
SEC Cyber Unit's first charges target cryptocurrency fraud (12-04-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is leading the voice (12-02-2017)
Evidence (11-30-2017)
Optimal Blue significantly improves data transparency and availability (11-30-2017)
Waze adds new motorcycle mode and OK Waze voice commands (11-29-2017)
Welcome (11-28-2017)
Boston transit goes contactless (11-24-2017)
Why Can't America Have a Single, Interoperable Tolling System? Because Bureaucracy (11-23-2017)
An Important Message from the EHS Team: OSHA Injury Reporting Due December 1, 2017 (11-22-2017)
Toronto begins sharing traffic data with Waze, and vice versa (11-20-2017)
MicroStrategy 10.9 Connector to Jethro Accelerates Speed and Scale of Big Data Exploration (11-20-2017)
How opening city data can support racial justice (11-17-2017)
OSHA Injury Tracking Website Presents Issues as Employer Deadline for Compliance Looms (11-17-2017)
Christchurch City Council Launches Open Data API Program (11-15-2017)
Christchurch City Council Launches Open Data API Program (11-13-2017)
Untitled ( (11-13-2017)
Open government and citizen participation: an empirical analysis of citizen expectancy towards open government data (11-11-2017)
OSHA New Recordkeeping Rule: Top 3 Challenges Coming Down the Line (11-09-2017)
Taking KSQL for a Spin Using Real (11-08-2017)
Today in OpenGov: Trouble in (the) Paradise Papers (11-06-2017)
Looking for open data use cases in Madison, Wisconsin (11-06-2017)
Sioux Falls, South Dakota aims to improve neighborhood services with the help of open data (11-06-2017)
OpenGov Open Data Portal (11-06-2017)
Florida Names First Chief Data Officer (11-04-2017)
Its time for the Justice Department to finalize and release its new FOIA policy (10-31-2017)
Government 3.0 Next Generation Government Technology Infrastructure and Services (10-31-2017)
How National Governments Can Help Smart Cities Succeed (10-29-2017)
American cities depend on federal data (10-22-2017)
How Cambridge Created a Civic Innovation Challenge Inventory (10-20-2017)
AI Experts Want to End 'Black Box' Algorithms in Government (10-18-2017)
Priceless? A new framework for estimating the cost of open government reforms (10-18-2017)
Political Ideology and Municipal Size as Incentives for the Implementation and Governance Models of Web 2.0 in Providing Public Services (10-17-2017)
What city planning taught me about open data (10-13-2017)
State of Arizona: Introducing a Statewide Private PaaS to Improve Efficiencies and Trim Costs (10-05-2017)
Amazon HQ2: Open Data Informs Nashvilles Decision on a Bid (10-05-2017)
Paraguays transparency alchemists (10-05-2017)
Today in OpenGov: Probing questions (10-04-2017)
Oracle Tells The White House: Stop Hiring Silicon Valley People & Ditch Open Source (10-03-2017)
As Federal Data Disappears, New Tool Gives Power to Cities (10-03-2017)
Co (10-01-2017)
Ethical Guidelines for Applying Predictive Tools Within Human Services (09-30-2017)
How to Use the BLS API (09-27-2017)
City of Buffalo, NY Partners With Socrata on New Open Data Portal to Increase Transparency and Access to Data (09-25-2017)
Azure Analysis Services now available in Azure Government (09-21-2017)
The stuff and nonsense of open data in government (09-20-2017)
Today in OpenGov: Bills, bills, bills (09-20-2017)
Governor pushes for increased access, transparency Hawaii Blog (09-19-2017)
Driving Government Digital Transformation through the API Economy (09-18-2017)
Today in OpenGov: Sunshine laws under pressure in state legislatures (09-18-2017)
On PARK(ing) Day, five things open data advocates can learn from tactical urbanism (09-15-2017)
Why Im Suing the FCC (09-15-2017)
DTA takes on responsibility for government data (09-13-2017)
Postal Service needs to capitalize on API user data, report says (09-11-2017)
Public Policy for Public Data (09-07-2017)
Introducing Open Referral: A Better Way to Manage Health, Human, and Social Services Data (09-07-2017)
Worried about public comments on draft open data policy? Here are the most common sentiments. (09-05-2017)
Four Million Time Warner Customers Caught in Privacy Snafu (09-05-2017)
AT&T unleashes drones to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief (09-01-2017)
New Orleans Calls for Data Projects to Improve City (09-01-2017)
TaxProf Blog (08-31-2017)
How Houston is using open data to handle Hurricane Harvey (08-31-2017)
Alexa Now Supports Kid Skills (08-31-2017)
Public comments on city open data policies focus on governance, uses and privacy (08-29-2017)
5 Habits of Successful Public Data Programs (08-29-2017)
Digital Transformation At The State Of Louisiana: From Data Center To The Citizen (08-29-2017)
Analyze traffic data from the city of San Francisco (08-28-2017)
APIs, shared services can reshape, modernize government technology (08-28-2017)
CEOs Resign from Trumps Cybersecurity Commission (08-28-2017)
Now Available: The First Guide in the AWS Government Handbook Series (08-25-2017)
Ask Alexa: How Does Douglas County Promote Community Engagement? (08-24-2017)
Building community around Durhams open data (08-24-2017)
Launching the Speech Commands Dataset (08-24-2017)
United States: DOL Temporarily Shuts Down OSHA Injury Reporting Portal Because Of Possible Data Breach (08-23-2017)
Today in OpenGov: City diplomacy (08-22-2017)
Think globally, act locally: How open data can be a force in city diplomacy (08-21-2017)
Virginia Beachs 4 (08-15-2017)
Wheres the Civic in CivicTech? (08-15-2017)
Artificial Intelligence for Citizen Services and Government (08-14-2017)
Massachusetts Relaunches CTHRU Open Data Platform (08-10-2017)
More on the Vulnerabilities Equities Process (08-09-2017)
Rise of the Government Chatbot (08-07-2017)
10 Transportation Trends from State DOT Performance Leaders (08-07-2017)
Microsofts Eye Control for Windows 10 is now available for testers (08-02-2017)
Washington Named No. 2 for Data Innovation (08-02-2017)
Chattanooga Launches City Insider App (08-01-2017)
Rage against the machines: is AI (07-30-2017)
Why Quality Data Should Inform OMBs Government (07-28-2017)
Government innovations and the hype cycle (07-27-2017)
10 Ways to Transform How Cities Work (07-27-2017)
Syracuse City Hall releases open data on potholes, vacant housing, lead paint & more (07-26-2017)
Keep an Eye On Your State's Congressional Delegation (07-25-2017)
The DeepMind debacle demands dialogue on data (07-23-2017)
Smart Technologies for Smart Governments: Transparency, Efficiency and Organizational Issues (07-22-2017)
US Digital Service prioritizes CMS, VA IT in report to Congress (07-20-2017)
Five ways to use the API (07-20-2017)
Heres how a journalist in Atlanta mapped closed data for accountability (07-19-2017)
OSHA's Web (07-18-2017)
Administration releases sensitive information of voters worried about their sensitive information (07-14-2017)
US Government Limits Purchase of Kaspersky Lab Software (07-12-2017)
Apple builds data center to obey Chinese cybersecurity rules (07-12-2017)
Lessons from Airbnb and Uber to Open Government as a Platform (07-10-2017)
New government datacenter regions available in Arizona and Texas (07-10-2017)
Open Data as Enabler of Public Service Co (07-09-2017)
Local Government in China Trials Blockchain for Public Services (07-06-2017)
Data and the City (07-04-2017)
Open Government: Concepts and Challenges for Public Administrations Management in the Digital Era (07-04-2017)
The Kaarta Contour handheld scanner uses LIDAR to map spaces in real time (07-03-2017)
Five former Presidential Innovation Fellows band together to build new digital consultancy (06-30-2017)
In Los Angeles, a Data (06-29-2017)
Google Maps now shows real (06-28-2017)
Does Your Industry Need a Well (06-28-2017)
The Right of Access to Public Information (06-28-2017)
Herd of Innovation Fellows, 18F founders join Skylight (06-28-2017)
In Kansas City, residents have a new friend on Facebook: an open data chatbot (06-27-2017)
Va. Supreme Court to hear case challenging police retention of license plate data (06-27-2017)
Snapchat maps can figure out what you're doing and it's either cool or creepy (06-27-2017)
Microsoft Cognitive Services hack: Line Messenger (06-27-2017)
Gathering Insights from Cincinnatis Heroin Tracker (06-26-2017)
Greater opioid use and mental health disorders are linked in a new study (06-26-2017)
Rawification and the careful generation of open government dataSocial Studies of Science (06-25-2017)
The Age of Can the Tech that Drives 311 Help Government Deliver an Amazon (06-22-2017)
Call for translations for CKAN 2.7 (06-22-2017)
Announcing Microsoft Azure Government services in the Cloud Solution Provider program (06-21-2017)
Expanding the Cloud An AWS Region is coming to Hong Kong (06-21-2017)
451 Research study reveals rapid adoption of Kubernetes for hybrid cloud infrastructure (06-16-2017)
Nearly 3 million FCC commenters' email addresses 'unintentionally' exposed through API (06-16-2017)
Docker and Booz Allen Hamilton Modernize Traditional Apps in Government IT (06-16-2017)
Considering the Big Picture Before We Mandate Government APIs (06-15-2017)
How 3 Mayors Use Data to Improve Land Use in Their Cities (06-12-2017)
We Wear Culture by Google A searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion (06-11-2017)
Expanding Training on Data and Technology to Improve Communities (06-05-2017)
The Best NYC Restaurant Sanitation Record Inspections App (06-02-2017)
How should startups work with city governments? (05-31-2017)
Bill Would Transform New Yorkers Digital Interaction with Government (05-27-2017)
Your roadmap to the Google vs Oracle Java wars (05-25-2017)
A Proposed Law Aims to Make City Services as Easy as Ordering Takeout (05-23-2017)
Why Running an API Directory is Harder than it Looks (And Why API Providers Should Care) (05-17-2017)
New digital tool will help NYC reduce homelessness (05-17-2017)
Home mgboydcom/City (05-17-2017)
Treating Data Like a Strategic Asset Digital Simplicity Medium (05-17-2017)
Chicago launches website featuring scrubbed EPA climate change data (05-09-2017)
Center for Government Excellence- Johns Hopkins Center for Government Excellence (05-08-2017)
How free open government data can coexist with fee-based access (05-08-2017)
LA Gives Silicon Valley a Run for its Money on Openness (05-08-2017)
NYC adopts StreetSmart to track the homeless (05-08-2017)
Open data isn't obvious everywhere: Birmingham makes state history with new policy (04-20-2017)
Our awesome intern @_jackcorrigan did an awesome data story on Chicago City Council attendance (04-05-2017)
The City of Anchorage's new website is "changing the way city departments view data & its role in governance. (03-22-2017)
Data-driven government improves services & transparency. (03-20-2017)
Boston puts open data quality first (03-20-2017)
Turning Dirty Streets Clean through Comprehensive Open Data Mapping (03-18-2017)
Why Civic Analytics? (03-15-2017)
New York City Open Data: A Brief History (03-08-2017)
Tweet: The @CityofBoston worked with @OpenGovInc to launch a new beta of an #opendata hub: #OSS… (03-01-2017)
We have open data, Chapel Hill. Now how will we use it? (02-23-2017)
Kansas City, transforming the citizen experience (02-16-2017)
The Open Referral API project Open Referral (02-14-2017)
Data and the City: New report on how public data is fostering civic engagement in urban regions (02-09-2017)
Retired California State Senator is using AI to transcribe local government hearings for search and alerts (02-07-2017)
Open Calgary Lets Citizens Take a Deep Dive Into Data (01-13-2017)
Public Engagement Through APIs and Policy (01-12-2017)
Tweet: To learn how your city, county or local government can maximize the benefits of #cloudcomputing, read this blog:… (01-11-2017)
Unleashing the data deluge (12-28-2016)
Six Cities harmonize their APIs for new business (12-19-2016)
The City of Topeka Raises the Bar for Government Performance (12-19-2016)
The Smart City API Cook Book is out! (12-19-2016)
Houston flooding on the rise (12-16-2016)
Municipal Money: Making municipal budgets more accessible (11-09-2016)
In Wichita, creating an open data practice that meets community needs (11-01-2016)
Structural Success in Civic Tech (10-31-2016)
Structural Success in Civic Tech (10-31-2016)
Louisville Leverages Crowdsourcing for Civic Good (10-17-2016)
New Orleans Brings Data-Driven Tools to Blight Remediation (10-12-2016)
How Naperville took an inclusive, participatory approach to opening city data (10-05-2016)
State of the City 2016: Creating a Culture of Innovation (09-29-2016)
How Scottsdale plans to use complementary policies to open up city data (09-28-2016)
One smart city standard to rule them all? (09-26-2016)
Seattle?s Open Data Playbook and the Future of Sunlight (09-22-2016)
Stage Intelligence Adds Support for the GBFS Open Data Standard into its BICO Distribution Solution (09-10-2016)
Business Activities in the Business Licenses Dataset (08-31-2016)
Array of Things Privacy Policy Now Online (08-17-2016)
Hands in the air for Census City SDK team (08-17-2016)
Array of Things Final Governance & Privacy Policies Released (08-15-2016)
Davenport?s Data Comes to Life (08-15-2016)
Engagement 101: Providence and Brown University showcase a data-driven partnership (08-15-2016)
Oddly, open data policy isn't available as #opendata. Our new project seeks to change that. (08-13-2016)
Philly is not healthy, according to this open data tool - Philly (08-12-2016)
Tweet: Which #opendata best practices do cities follow closely? Which are largely ignored? We decided to find out: (08-09-2016)
Using the Arduino MKR1000 for a Civic Data Collection Project #ArduinoMonday (08-08-2016)
Civic Analytics Network Members (08-04-2016)
Tweet: Check out our step-by-step checklist for creating #opendata policy in your community: (08-01-2016)
Building Safety Data on the Open Data Portal (08-01-2016)
Leveraging Civic Data to Improve Public Health and Emergency Management (08-01-2016)
New York City Names Chief Digital Officer (08-01-2016)
FIVAR is a web application that uses real-time open data to make food inspection smarter. (07-29-2016)
A year after a policy update, NYC grapples with 'the next level' of open data (07-29-2016)
Municipal Analytics, the Startup Way (07-27-2016)
Keeping Track of Capital Projects in the City of Topeka (06-20-2016)
Today in OpenGov: Help us improve our census of open data in U.S. cities (06-20-2016)
Improving the US City Open Data Census (06-17-2016)
7 projects that state and local governments can reuse (04-13-2016)
Jersey City Open Source Initiative (03-22-2016)
GitHub - mheadd/civicbot: A Slackbot for interacting with your local government (03-19-2016)
San Francisco lawmakers use a secret messaging app to keep chats from prying public eyes (03-16-2016)
The Data Briefing: New Opportunities for American Cities and Communities Thanks to Open Data (03-16-2016)
When Publishing Open Data, Cities and States Have Variety of Platform Choices (03-03-2016)
City of Bellevue Launches Open Data and Open Budget (02-17-2016)
Up to code? An algorithm is helping Chicago health officials predict restaurant safety violations (02-12-2016)
Tacoma becomes sixth What Works City to adopt an open data policy (02-05-2016)
Tulsa brings a new kind of energy to its open data policy and practice (02-04-2016)
Improved Lobbyist Data (02-02-2016)
Los Angeles Turns to Mapping to Break Data Siloes, Improve Efficiency (01-29-2016)
Conquer Chicago?s Mountain of Data With This Powerful Tool (01-26-2016)
OpenGov Voices: Demystifying Chicago politics with Councilmatic (01-25-2016)
Councils invited to have their say on common data standards (01-22-2016)
OpenGrid on the Chicago Public Data Blog (01-21-2016)
City of Chicago Launches OpenGrid (01-19-2016)
How much does your city spend on open data? (01-11-2016)
State, local governments build on (01-07-2016)
Chicago Is Using Data to Predict Food Safety Violations. Why Aren't Other Cities? (01-07-2016)
When It Comes to 311, the Customer Isn?t Always Right (01-06-2016)
UK council uses 'open data' approach for transport planning (01-06-2016)
Chicago Open311 API Docs (12-18-2015)
Search & Browse | Open Data Portal (11-28-2015)
PHL API: Open Data APIs from the City of Philadelphia (11-05-2015) | Open Austin (10-24-2015)
Jersey City?s Data Portal Journey (10-22-2015)
City of Richmond Wins Award for Innovative Use of Open Data (09-11-2015)
Buck the system or work the system? | Civic Innovations (09-10-2015)
OpenGov Voices: Richmond?s new open data portal a good start, but more work needed (08-23-2015)
City of Berkeley - Open Data Portal (08-11-2015)
How Edmonton Became a Leader in Data-Driven Government (07-09-2015)
Open Data Portal (07-06-2015)
New York City, Open Data Challenges (07-01-2015)
State and Local Government: Unleashing Your Data (07-01-2015)
AWS Public Sector Update ? City on a Cloud and More (06-25-2015)
Highlights from the Open311 Ecosystem (06-21-2015)
Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of June 15, 2015 (06-19-2015)
Former US CIO opines how tech, data can improve city planning (06-19-2015)
Data Drives Architecture in the Windy City (06-17-2015)
PlaceILive API Crowdsources Neighborhood Review Data (06-17-2015)
CitySDK Demo (06-16-2015)
Topeka Opens Window for Citizens with Open Budget App (06-16-2015)
Rancho Cucamonga Launches Public Safety Dashboard (06-15-2015)
Connecting Technologies to Drive Community Data Success ? The Philadelphia Story (06-08-2015)
Tech Tools for Civic Organizations (06-05-2015)
A Quick Look at Planning Data on the Isle of Wight (06-04-2015)
Data Science Challenge: Predict Restaurant Health Scores with Yelp Data (06-03-2015)
Census launches City SDK for civic hackers (06-01-2015)
CitySDK to launch in Chicago for National Day of Civic Hacking (06-01-2015)
Data Lens Empowers Decision Making in Los Angeles, CA (05-26-2015)
The City of Chicago unveils predictive analytics model to find foodborne illness faster (05-26-2015)
Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of May 18, 2015 (05-22-2015)
Chicago?s Data-Powered Recipe for Food Safety (05-21-2015)
US Census Bureau Adds City SDK to Aid National Day of Civic Hacking (05-20-2015)
The City of Seattle Tells a Story With Data Lens (05-19-2015)
U.S. Census Bureau to Release Open-Source Devkit for Civic Hackers - Shareable (05-18-2015)
Coder Grrrlz talk to us about GovHack Municipal Data (05-14-2015)
Census Bureau to Participate in National Civic Day of Hacking, Issues City SDK Challenge to Developers (05-12-2015)
Simplify Visualization Updates with Data Lens: Gainesville, Florida (05-11-2015)
Tools, Not Tech (05-04-2015)
Where does community organizing end and civic tech begin? (05-01-2015)
Issues mheadd/ GitHub (04-28-2015)
The Future of Performance Management (04-28-2015)
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A Smarter Grid in the Motor City (01-22-2015)
Validating Local Spending Data (01-07-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Featured City Government Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.

Other City Government Companies and Organizations

These are additional companies who have APIs, but do not have as much detaila nd resources available to rank with the others.

Industry Tag Cloud

This set of tags represent this industry, pulled from the website and marketing materials available for each of the companies listed.

511API LIfeycleAPI Not FoundAPI Service ProviderBaltimoreCaliforniaCanadaCity GovernmentDashboardsDataData ProviderGeoGraphHas APIHave OpenAPILondonLouisianaMarketplacesNew OrleansNo APINo API DefinitionPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia geodataPortlandPostman CollectionsSan FranciscoSeattleSocial

They reflect the intent of these platforms, helping people understand what is aavailable for integration into applications.